Setting Up for ENOVIA

This task lists some of the options that need to be set, and steps that need to be taken, before using ENOVIA.
In general, you need to do the normal setup procedure when you use ENOVIA. However, there are some processes that are done differently and these are listed in this task. They are explained in more detail elsewhere in this section.
1. Most project resources need to be saved in ENOVIA. The project resource management file needs to be set up so that it is pointing to resources in ENOVIA.
2. Some options need to be set differently. Click Tools - Options to get to the Options dialog box and then:
  • Select General and the Document tab. In the Linked Document Localization window select ENOVIA LCA and click the UP button. The ENOVIA LCA line should be the first in the list.
  • Select Catalog Editor in the Infrastructure section. Check: Allow family component dynamic resolution in catalog. In the Folder field enter or navigate to the directory where resolved catalog parts will be generated. This only needs to be done before saving a resolved parts catalog in ENOVIA. You can leave the option checked.
3. Cross document relationships: To ensure that cross document links are properly managed in the ENOVIA environment, you should correctly set the value of the resource "PublicationBasedConnections" in the project resource management file. See Understanding Project Resource Management for more information. Also, in both the CATIA and ENOVIA environments, the following environment variable should be defined: CrossDocLink=1
4. When you are executing the Reconciliation command you should not have a .catalog document open in the CATIA session, or the command will fail.  For example, after placing a functional equipment into a schematic design document, the .catalog document (that refers to the equipment reference document) is still in the session and there is no way to unload it. In order to run the Reconciliation command successfully, you must first save the design document and exit the session. After that, you can start a new session, call up the saved design document and use the Reconciliation command.

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