Creating a Text Template Catalog

This task shows you how to create a text template catalog and add templates to it.
Text template catalogs have an entry in the project resource management file. You should modify this entry if you want a particular catalog to display when you are placing a template from a catalog.
1. Start a new Catalog Document by clicking File - New and select CatalogDocument from the List of Types in the New dialog box. Click Windows - Tile Horizontally so that both the Annotation Template document and the Catalog document are displayed.

2. Right click on Chapter1, select Chapter1.object from the drop down menu and click Definition.  Change the name of the chapter to Text_Templates (or any name you prefer).

3. Click the Add Family button and create the family "Block Valve Function".

4. Double click on the Family that you created (Block Valve Function) then click the Add Component button . The Description Definition dialog box displays with Block Valve Function in the name field.
5. Click the Select external feature button and select the text in the text template document.  The Name field is updated, and the File name field now displays the name of the template document.  Change the name in the Name field to reflect the text template; e.g., "Vessel ID".

6. Click OK.  Save the Catalog Document.