This tab provides display options for:

Analysis mode

Analysis mode

Select the box in Analysis Mode to display information about routables. It works only when you are performing an action with a routable, such as placing a part, branching a run or creating an offset route.

Specification tree

Application objects: Show application grouping

Selecting the checkbox Show application grouping displays object grouping mechanisms such as piping lines or zones in the specifications tree, along with all their members - pipes, valves, etc. These members will also display as separate entries in the specifications tree (they will display twice). If you do not select this checkbox then the parts will display in the specifications tree, but there will be no entry grouping them under their parent piping line, zone or other grouping mechanism.

Spatial objects

Click to select the check boxes of the items you want to appear in the specifications tree. Spatial objects may only be placed using the Systems Routing, Systems Space Reservation and Plant Layout workbenches.

Spatial Assembly

When the Spatial Assembly checkbox is not selected, objects (that are specified in this option) in a document will display in the specifications tree in the order in which they were placed. If you select the checkbox then they will display alphabetically. This applies to Plant Layout, Systems Routing and Systems Space Reservation.

3D Viewer display

Run connections

Click to select the check boxes to set the connection and connector display options as desired.

Part connectors

Set the color of the connection and connector symbols using the drop down color palette.

Routable display

Twist Smoothness Factor

Change this option to increase the smoothness of a run at a twisting turn.