Changing the Scale of a Component

This task shows you how to change the scale of a component.
You can rescale any component in your document, and you can resize a component connected to another component. Only the selected component can be rescaled.

For example, if you have a pump with a nozzle and you resize the pump, the nozzle will not be resized. However, you can resize the nozzle separately.

1. Click the Scale Component button .
2. Select the component whose scale you want to change, or right-click on the component and select Scale from the drop-down menu. The Scale Component dialog box displays.

3. Enter a value in the Scaling Factor field.

For instance, if you enter 2, it doubles the size. If you enter .5, it halves the size. 

4. Click OK. The scale of the component changes, and you can see the change in your document.
  You can also change the scale of a component manually.

Select the component. A thick red manipulator indicates the component is selected. The corners of the manipulator display handles.

Drag a handle to set the size.

You see the change in your document.

You can redisplay the Scale Component dialog box, and the Scaling Factor reflects the new size.

You can use a setting to change the scale of all components that you place in a document.

From the menu bar, select Tools - Options - Equipment & Systems. Select the Diagrams tab, and in the Component section, enter a value in the Scale Factor field.

When the factor is 1, the components display normally, according to the scale of your document. Changing the factor to 2 or 3 doubles or triples the size of components that you place. Changing the factor to 0.5 halves it, and so on.

Changing the factor does not affect components that already exist in your document.