Query Connector for Linked Object

This task shows you how to query an on or off sheet connector to determine which connector it is linked to.  
1. Click the Query On/Off Sheet Connectors button .  
2. Move the pointer to the connector you want to query (it will highlight) and click.
3. If the linked connector is in the same document a zoomed-in and highlighted image of the linked connector will be displayed. The image below is shown zoomed-out.  The highlighted connector is the linked one.

4. If the linked connector is in an external document then the Query On/Off Sheet Connector Link dialog box will display.

5. The Document Name field lists the document (the document must be open) that  has the connector to which the queried connector is linked. There may be more than one if a connector of the same name resides in more than one document. That can happen if you have made copies/versions of the document. The Linked to Publication field names the specific connector to which it is linked. The Reframe button lets you reframe the view on the linked connector.

The Load button may become active if you are working with documents that were created before Release 13. If the Load button is active, click it to open the document that contains the linked connector.