Flipping a Component in Free Space

This task shows you how to flip a component that is in free space.

When a component flips in free space it rotates 180-degrees on the vertical or horizontal axis. The axis on which it will rotate is the X or Y axis as laid out when the component graphic was originally created. In the image below the component graphic was originally created with the Y axis running through the center and the X axis at the base. In the second image the Flip Horizontal command was used to flip it on the Y axis. In the last image the Flip Vertical command was used to make it flip on the X axis.

If a component is connected to another component, even if it is in free space, then you cannot use this command. See also Flipping a Connected Component.

1. Click the Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical button. Flip Horizontal will flip the component on its vertical axis. Flip Vertical will flip the component on its horizontal axis.
2. Click the component you want to flip. It will be flipped.