Storing Objects in a Catalog

This task shows you how to store objects such as components and on/off sheet connectors in a catalog.
Only basic information is supplied in this task. See the Infrastructure documentation (Advanced Tasks - Using Catalogs) for information on creating and working with catalogs.
1. With the component you want to store in the catalog displayed, click Infrastructure - Catalog Editor in the Start menu to create a new catalog.

To open an existing catalog, use the File - Open command and navigate to the catalog. The Catalog Editor opens.

2. Click Windows - Tile Horizontally so that both the Catalog Editor and the component display.

3. Double-click the family under which you want to add the component.

If this is a new catalog document, you need to add a family. Click the Add Family button , enter a name in the Name field in the Family Definition dialog box, and click OK.

4. Click the Add Component button . The Description Definition dialog box displays.

5. Enter or change the name for the component. Add other information as needed.

Click the Select external feature button and select the boundary of the view of the added component.

6. Select the Preview tab and select Local preview (stored in catalog). This displays an image of the component in the Catalog Browser.
7. Click (in the specifications tree) on the component you want to add to the catalog. The component is added.