Defining Connectors on a Component

This task explains how to add connectors to a component, and how you associate size attributes to a connector.    

Dynamic connectors are explained in Defining Dynamic Connectors.

1. With your document open, click the Build Connector button .

Select the component to which you want to add connectors, and the Build Connector dialog box displays.

2. Select from the Connector Types list.
  Naming of connectors is essential when Auto-Routing in schematic driven 3-D design applications such as Tubing Design. Provided that the connector names are the same in both the 2-D and 3-D applications, the From-To connectors will be apparent and Auto-Routing occurs.
3. Select the position on the component where you want to add a connector. The connector vector displays, showing a default name for the connector type you selected.

To add connectors, select other positions on the component where you want to define a connector.

To reposition the name, click and drag it to the desired position.

4. To assign a specific name to the connector, right-click on the default name or on the connector.

Select Rename from the pop-up menu, and the Name Connector dialog box displays.

Select a connector name, for example Inlet1, and click OK. The connector displays the name you selected.

To delete a connector, right-click the connector and click Delete from the pop-up menu.

5. Select an arrow to define a directional vector for the connector. One of the arrows is selected by default.

The directional vector establishes the angle at which another connector will attach.

6. To establish the flow capability or flow direction of the connector, right-click on the connector. The pop-up menu displays.

Point to Flow Capability and select from the drop-down menu.

7. To associate size attributes to a connector, right-click on the connector to display the pop-up menu.

Pont to Associate Attributes and select a nominal size from the drop-down menu..

  You can redisplay the connectors and query connector attributes with the Query Connector Info command. See Querying Connector Attributes.