Placing On/Off Sheet Connectors

This task shows you how to place on/off sheet connectors in a document.  

On/off sheet connectors are used when it is not practical to visually display all of a line on one sheet, and a second sheet has to be used, or when design considerations require interrupting display of the line even if it is all on one sheet. In such cases, on/off sheet connectors are placed where the display of the line ends, and at the point where it is displayed again, to show that the visual display was interrupted and the two halves should be regarded as one continuous line.

To learn how to build a graphical representation of a connector, see Building a Graphic in the Electrical Connectivity Diagrams User's Guide.

1. Click the Place On/Off Sheet Connectors button . The Catalog Browser displays.
2. Select the connector symbol you want to use.
3. Place the symbol on a connector, or select the line and the symbol is placed on the closest open connection.

Do the same for the second connector.

In the example below, the connectors are placed at the ends of the two lines.

When you place an on/off sheet connector the application creates a publication that is visible in the specifications tree. In the specifications tree below, it is the line PipeFunction-051,Piping Connector.2.CTR.

The publication contains information about the connector. When you link the on/off sheet connector to another connector, that information will also be stored in the publications of both connectors. The publication does not identify the document, only the connector.

Before this change, information about the connector (including about the document which contains it) was stored in a different way and no publications were created.