Importing Checks and Rules from a Catalog

This task shows you how to import Knowledgeware checks and rules from the sample catalog into your 2D diagram.
The sample catalog has several checks and rules incorporated from which you can select. You can use this catalog without having Knowledgeware. The sample catalog is defined in the PRM file for the application you are using.
1. Open the document into which you want to import checks and rules.
2. Click the Catalog Browser button . The Catalog Browser dialog displays:


3. In the left pane of the Catalog Browser dialog, double-click the type of check or rule you want to import, for example PipingDiagramChecks.
4. In the right pane of the Catalog Browser dialog, click the check or rule you want to use.  The following dialog is displayed:

5. Select on one of the following:
  • Use Only - Select this option to apply the rule base to the document and run it.
  • Import with link - Select this option to import the rule base as a link, which means that any updates to the rule base will be available in this document when the original rule base is changed or updated.
  • Import - Select this option to copy the existing rule base and its subcomponents into the document.