Displaying Line ID Properties in Catalog

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task explains how you can display line ID properties in the lines catalog. Taking the steps below also displays the properties in the Select/Query Line ID dialog box.
From Release 14 onward, all properties that have values can display in the lines catalog as catalog keywords. However, you must enable the display by taking the actions described here. If you do not do so then only two properties, as defined in the Attribute Filter file, will display.
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1. In order to enable the display of catalog keywords you need to make a change in the project resource management (PRM) file, and enter the properties you want displayed in the Attribute Filter file. To change the PRM file, open it with a text editor and locate the resource LineIDAttributeFilter. The entry is at the application level: for Piping Design it is under the heading Piping Design Application. It reads:

<Resource Name="LineIDAttributeFilter" Visible="yes"> </Resource>

The entry will be commented out - disabled - in the sample PRM file you get with this application. To enable it remove the comment notation which is <!-- at the beginning of the entry and --> at the end of the entry.

Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams has a second entry at the application level - InstrumentLineAttributeFilter. You should enable this also if you intend to use filtering on instrument lines.

2. Once you have enabled it in the PRM file, you need to make appropriate entries in the Attribute Filter file. The sample file is located in the directory ...intel_a\startup\EquipmentAndSystems\XXX\SampleData where XXX is the discipline, like Piping. The file name is PipingLineAttributeFilter.txt. The sample file has only two entries - for Piping it is NominalSize and PipeSpecification, for HVAC it is EquivalentDiameter and DuctSpecification and so on. Open the file and add the properties that you want displayed in the catalog.
3. To recap, from Release 14, line properties will display in the catalog as keywords once you have:
  • Enabled the attribute filter resource in the PRM file.
  • Added properties you want displayed in the attribute filter file.
  • Valuated the properties.
  • Updated the catalog.

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