Saving Documents

This task contains recommendations on saving your documents.
Ways in which documents are saved are explained in the Infrastructure User's Guide - Creating, Opening and Saving Documents. You must read that documentation because the various methods are not explained here. This task simply suggests the methodology you should follow in specific circumstances.
  • If you are saving a document to a local machine or network drive, it is recommended that you use the Save Management command initially. The Propagate Directory command (in the Save Management dialog box) should not be used routinely. It is meant to be used in specific circumstances, such as when you want to place all the contents of a document in one directory before sending it to another location.

Note the following behavior when you reopen a document (in a new CATIA session) that has been saved using the Propagate Directory command: If there are any Line IDs in the document that are the same as the active Line ID in your session, then they will point to the PRM resource that contains the Line ID, NOT to your saved document. If you make any modifications, and save the document, the Line IDs in it will point to the PRM resource and not to your saved copy. If you want to keep the link to your saved copy then you must use the Propagate Directory command again.

  • If you are saving a document to another site or network, you should use the Send To command. In this case, you should be careful about the links for documents such as resolved parts folder or line ID. These links could change to reflect the local network drive to which the documents have been sent. You should make sure they point to the original location. Using the Reset button in the Save Management dialog box is one way of doing this.
  • You should check the active document before you execute the Save command. The root product must be the active document if you want to save everything under it.
  • Before saving a document, it is recommended you use the Force Update command . This ensures that all data in your session is updated.

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