This tab is specific to diagrams products. It allows you to select or specify settings for:

Gapping Information

  • Type: Select the looks of the gap you want displayed in your document by clicking one of the buttons. The three choices are blank, jump and wavy.

  • Size: Enter the size of the gap.

  • Priority rules: Select the line in which the gap should display.

NOTE: Gaps display in a document after you execute the View - Gaps command. See Display Line Gaps in Document.


Flow Arrow Information

Flow Arrow Frequency

Select the segments on which you want flow arrows to display:

  • All: Arrows will display on all segments.

  • Not Last: Arrows will display on all segments except the last.

  • Middle: An arrow will display in the middle segment only.

  • All Middle: Arrows will display on all segments except the first and last segments.

Flow Arrow Positioning on Segment

Select the position of the flow arrows:

  • Middle: The arrow will display in the middle of a segment.

  • End: The arrow will display at the end of a segment.

Flow Arrow Type

Select the type of the flow arrow: filled, unfilled or standards. This defines the looks of the arrow.

Flow Arrow Size

Enter the size of the flow arrow. The size is measured front to back. Note that the size of the arrow will remain constant, even when you zoom in or out of a document.

NOTE: Flow arrows display in a document after you execute the View - Flow command. See Display Flow Arrows in Document.


Scale Component Factor

This allows you to modify the size of a placed component. When the factor is 1 the component will display normally, according to the scale of your document. Changing the factor to 2 or 3 doubles or triples the size of a placed component, whereas 0.5 halves it, and so on.

Connector Display

Two options allow you to show or not the connectors in the drawing sheet:

By default,

  • Show connected connectors is not selected to lighten the display
  • Show unconnected connectors is selected to emphasize the display.
  • Modify dynamic connectors: when you check this option and create connectors you will only be able to define the values for three attributes - name, alignment vector and flow capability. If the option is unchecked you will get the default values for these attributes.

Reference Components Display

  • Show reference components: Selecting this checkbox displays reference components in the specification tree. A reference component is a component that is pointed to by placed instances. It may be placed in a catalog, or it may be built in a design document, intended for use only in that document, and not placed in a catalog. Displaying a reference component in the specifications tree allows you to place components from the tree (using the place component command).

  • Show drawing in tree: Selecting this checkbox displays detail sheet objects in the specifications tree. This, in turn, allows you to select them and perform various operations.