Creating a Directory Structure

This task shows you how to create directories for your migrated V4 data.

Data that you migrate from V4 into V5 will usually be stored in directories that are separate from the directories in which V5 generated data is stored. Sample directories are included with this application for storing migrated data. The default location is: ...intel_a\startup\EquipmentandSystems\MigrationDirectory\XXX where XXX is a discipline like Tubing or Piping.

You can continue using the sample directories if you want. However, if you choose to store your data elsewhere you should take the following steps.

1. Create a directory and give it any suitable name.
2. Create a DiscreteValues directory under it and move into it the data from the sample DiscreteValues directory.
3. Create directories for all the disciplines that are of interest to you (Piping, HVAC, etc.). Recreate the directory structure under them as it exists under MigrationDirectory. You do not need to move the sample data - sample catalog, sample specifications, etc. - into your newly created directories if you do not intend to use it.
4. Change the entries in your project resource management (PRM) file to reflect the new location of your data. The sample PRM file points to the default locations. Most entries are under the heading AEC Migration Discipline Resources.