Select/Filter Line IDs

This task shows you how to select a line ID or its members, and to filter for line IDs. Piping lines are used in the illustration below - the process is the same for other types of line.  
You can edit the properties of line IDs or their members after selecting them. You must make some setup changes if you want to see all properties of a line. See Displaying Line ID Properties in a Catalog to learn how to do it.

1. Click the Select/Query Line ID button . The Select/Query Line ID dialog box displays.

2. Use the Sort and Filter options if you need to. Under Filter, select the Local option if you only want to filter line IDs in the document. Select All if you want to filter all line IDs available to you. Use of the Filter Attributes button is explained below.
3. If you are selecting members then select Line ID Members under Selection Type. If you want to select a line ID then select Line ID.
4. Click to select a line ID in the Line ID list or click on one of the members. Either the line ID or the members will be selected, depending on the selection you made in Step 2.
5. Click the Filter Attributes button if you want to filter for line IDs. The Line Attribute Filter dialog box displays.

  • Click the drop down arrow in the Attributes field to select a property. Name is selected in the image above.
  • Click the drop down arrow in the Operators field to select an operator. Most are obvious, such as == (equal to) or > (greater than). the operator *= means you are using a wild card. If you select this operator and enter U8 in the Values field then the function will filter for all lines beginning with U8.
  • Select or enter a value in the Values field. This is the value that the function will filter for. Click Add when you have defined your query to add it to the Composed Query window.
  • The And/Or buttons let you further refine your search. You can click the Add button to add another query to your search.
  • Clicking the Eraser button removes a query from the Composed Query window.
  • The Filter String field allows you to enter a line ID name. You can use wild cards.