Building On/Off Sheet Connectors

This task shows you how to create on/off sheet connectors.
1. Click the New Detail Sheet button . A new detail sheet displays.
2. Click the New View button , and place the new view in the document.

Right-click on the boundary of the new view and select Activate View from the drop-down menu. This activates the view and it becomes the detail view.

You use this detail view to build an on/off sheet connector. 

3. Right-click on the new view and select Properties rom the drop-down menu.

In the Properties dialog box, indicate that you are building an on/off sheet connector (not some other graphic) by entering On_Off Sheet in the 2D Components field. Click OK.

4. Click on one of the drafting tools to build a new on/off sheet connector.

Start building the on/off sheet connector at the origin and proceed in the positive X direction, as shown in the image below. This ensures that the on/off sheet connector can be placed correctly.

Save this diagram.

To add an on/off sheet connector to a catalog see Storing Objects in a Catalog.