Using Knowledgeware Packages

This task shows you how to load and use Knowledgeware packages (may also be known as dictionaries). You should see Knowledgeware documentation if you want to learn more about it.


Knowledgeware provides certain functions that are used by all applications. In search and report definition functions, for instance, it allows users the capability of searching for objects, or defining how a report should be structured. This is achieved by 'exposing' objects and their attributes in Knowledgeware through the use of what are known as packages. A package is specific to an application or group of applications, and exposes objects and attributes from one or more CATfct files per application.

The PlantShipLayout package, for instance, contains objects and attributes that are used by several applications, whereas the PipingLayout package contains the list of objects and attributes for piping applications. These packages must be loaded before you can use certain functions.

There is a setting you must enable before you can load and use these packages.


Click Tools - Options - General - Parameters and Measure and click on the Knowledge Environment tab. Under Language, check Load extended language libraries. Either check All Packages, or uncheck this option and load the packages you will be using.

  2. If you check All Packages then packages for all applications, including many you do not need, will be loaded, and may slow operations. You may instead want to load selected packages.
3. There are several ways in which you can view the contents of each package. One way is to open the Knowledge Expert workbench, click the Expert Check button and click OK in the Check Editor dialog box to display the Check Editor: XXXX dialog box. Click the Browser button to display the browser. This displays packages in the left column, objects in the middle column, and attributes (and programs) of the selected object in the third column. Check the Show Inherited Attributes checkbox if you need to.

    Following is a list of packages used by Equipment & Systems applications:
  • PlantShipLayout - Several applications, should always be loaded.
  • ProductPackage - All applications, should always be loaded.
  • CompAccessLayout - Compartment & Access
  • ElectricalShipbuilding - 2D electrical
  • Conduitlayout - Raceway & Conduit Design
  • EquipLayout - Equipment Arrangement
  • HangerLayout - Hanger Design
  • HVACLayout - HVAC applications
  • InstrLayout - Several applications
  • PipingLayout - Piping applications
  • PlantArrangement - Plant layout
  • RacewayLayout - Raceway & Conduit Design
  • TubingLayout - Tubing applications
  • WaveguideLayout - Waveguide applications
  • Structure Functional System Design
  • Structure Functional Object Design