Checking a Document for Design Errors

This task shows you how to check a document for design errors.
This function allows you to check the entire document for certain errors, such as unconnected elements. The full list of errors for which you can check is given below. The procedure is the same whether you have Knowledgeware installed, or you are using the sample files (for 3D) or catalog (for 2D) provided with this application.

1. With your document open, right click on the entry RuleBase in the specifications tree. In the drop down menu that displays, select RuleBase object. In the sub-menu that displays select Manual Complete Solve. Your document will be checked for design errors.

2. The checks which came up with errors will have a red button against them. The checks that had no errors will have a green button. In the image below the check Unconnected Elements failed, which means there is one or more element in your document that is not connected to anything.

3. To see which elements failed the check, right click on the check, in this case UnconnectedElem. In the drop down box that displays select UnconnectedElem object. In the sub-menu that shows select Highlight Failed Components. The failed elements will be highlighted in the specifications tree. Some elements will also highlight in the viewer.

4. For diagrams products you can check for the following errors using the sample catalog provided with this application:

General Design Checks have the following in addition to unconnected elements:

  • Unconnected Coincident Element: Elements and connectors can be coincident, or occupying the same space, but not be connected to each other.
  • Unconnected On/Off Sheet: On/Off sheet connectors in your document that are not linked to other documents.
  • Flow Direction Conflict: Flow direction is not consistent in linked elements.
  • Invalid Zone Boundary: A zone has a gap in the boundary.
  • Invalid Part Type: Part type selected has invalid attributes.
  • Invalid Part Number: Part type is incompatible with defined function.
  • Undefined Part Number: No part number assigned.

Other checks are:

  • Inconsistent Name Check: This application employs a naming convention. This error means that an element has been named in violation of the rules defined by you.
  • Inconsistent Nominal Size: This signifies that elements of different nominal size have been connected.
  • Inconsistent Pipe Spec Check: This signifies that elements with different specifications have been connected.
  • Inconsistent Equiv Diameter Check: Ducts of different equivalent diameter have been connected.
  • Out of Pipe Spec (for piping part functions only): Pipe specification is not derived from the line. 
  • Out of Duct Spec: Duct specification is not derived from the line.

For 3-D products you can perform the inconsistent name and unconnected element checks using the sample file.