Building a Component Group

This task shows you how to build a component group.      

A component group is analogous to an assembly. You create a component group when you have a defined group of components that you want to place frequently.  Building a component group allows you to 'assemble' them into a single entity that you can then place as often as necessary. You can also define flow between the connectors of a component group.  See Defining a Flow Path on a Component for more information.

The following scenario describes how to build a simple AC Unit consisting of a compressor, finned cooler, and a pressure gauge. However the process for building a component group is the same for other types of equipment or objects.


To place a part from the catalog click the Place Component button . The Catalog Browser displays.  Place a compressor from the catalog.
2. Place the finned cooler and pressure gauge to create an assembly resembling the image below.  Flip the gauge if necessary to orient it correctly.

3. Click the Build Component Group button .  The Build Component Group dialog box displays. 

Click OK.

The green symbol represents the placement location.  You can drag the symbol to a location on the component group that is appropriate to where it will be placed in your diagram.

4. Save your document.