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Distance and Band Analysis

About Distance and Band Analysis

Measuring Minimum Distances and Distances Along X,Y,Z

Running Band Analysis

Exporting and Publishing Distance Results


About Sectioning

Creating Section Planes

Changing Section Graphic Properties

Creating Section Slices

Creating Section Boxes

More About the Section Results Window

Creating 3D Section Cuts

Manipulating Planes Directly

Positioning Planes Using the Edit Position and Dimensions Command

Positioning Planes On a Geometric Target

Snapping Section Boxes to Planes

Snapping Planes to Points and/or Lines

Exporting Section Results

Capturing Section Results

Annotating Generated Sections

Managing the Update of Section Results

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Interference Checking and Analysis

About Interference Checking and Analysis

Analyzing Part to Part Clashes

Detecting Interferences Using the Clash Command

Reading Clash Command Results

Comparing Clash Command Results

Making a Finer Analysis of Clash Command Results

Viewing Clash Command Results in a Dedicated Window

Exporting Clash Command Results in Text or Model Format


Exporting Clash Results and Geometry in XML Format

First XML Format Type

Second XML Format Type

Reading XML Clash Files

XML Export: Recommendations and Warnings

Comparing Products

Measure Tools

About Measure Tools

Measuring Arc Sections

Measuring Between

Measuring Distances between Geometrical Entities

Customizing Measure Between

Measuring Angles

More about Measure Cursors

More about the Measure Between Dialog Box

Measuring Item

Measuring Properties

Customizing Measure Item

More about the Measure Item Dialog Box

Measuring Thickness

Measuring Inertia

Measuring 2D Inertia

Exporting Measure Inertia Results

Notations Used

Inertia Equivalents

Principal Axes

Inertia Matrix with respect to the Origin O

Inertia Matrix with respect to a Point P

Inertia Matrix with respect to an Axis System

Moment of Inertia about an Axis

3D Inertia Properties of a Surface

Exact Measures on CGRs and in Visualization Mode

Creating Geometry from Measure Results

Editing Measures

Updating Measures

Using Measures in Knowledgeware

Measuring Distance, Angle and Radius on 2D Documents


Defining Groups

Combining Space Analysis Commands

Sectioning in Interference and Distance Viewers

Measuring Minimum Distance in the Section Viewer

Sectioning and Visual Comparison

Batches and Macros for Interference Analysis

Batch Processing CGR Files and Model Documents

Batch Processing Existing CATProducts

Batch Processing XML Export

Using a Macro to Import Clash Results Saved in XML Format

Using a Macro to Export Clash Results to an XML File

Using a Macro to Batch Process Product Comparison

Knowledgeware Capabilities

Knowledgeware Rule-based Clash

Space Analysis Functions in Knowledge Expert

Optimzing Rule-basd Clash Rules

Space Analysis and 3DXML

Working with CGRs in DMU

Penetration Management

DMU Space Analysis Interoperability

Working with ENOVIA LCA

Optimal DMU PLM Usability for Space Analysis

Interference Analysis / ENOVIA LCA Interoperability

Retrieving Information from ENOVIA LCA

Exporting Clash Results Using First XML- Products from ENOVIA V5 database

Exporting Clash Results Using Second XML - Products from ENOVIA V5 database

ENOVIA VPM / Interference Analysis

Retrieving Information from ENOVIA VPM

Batch Processing Interference Analysis

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