Snapping Planes to Points and/or Lines

This task illustrates how to snap a section plane to a selection consisting of lines and/or points.
You can position section planes by selecting three points, two lines, or combination of the two.
No sample document is provided.
  1. Select Insert > Sectioning from the menu bar, or click Sectioning in the DMU Space Analysis toolbar and create a section plane. The Sectioning Definition dialog box appears.

    A Section viewer showing the generated section is automatically tiled vertically alongside the document window.

  2. Click the Positioning tab of the Sectioning Definition dialog box.

  3. Click the Positioning by 2/3 Selections .The section plane is hidden.

  4. Make your selection of lines and/or points.

    • The current selection is highlighted in red.

    • The cursor changes to assist you make your selection. It identifies the type of item (point, line, cylinder, cone, etc.) beneath it.

    • A plane passing through the selection is computed and the section plane automatically snapped to this plane.

  5. Click OK in the Sectioning Definition dialog box when done.