Optimal PLM Usability for DMU Space Analysis


When working with ENOVIA LCA (i.e. when you open a PRC saved in Explode mode), the safe save mode warns users that DMU data, with the exception of clash results when retrieved from PDM systems, cannot be correctly saved in ENOVIA.

Since all DMU Space Analysis commands focus on analysis or review rather than design, all commands are available at all times. A warning dialog box, however, informs the user that the various items created in DMU Space Analysis (distances, sections, measures, etc.) cannot be saved in ENOVIA LCA. This dialog box appears on entering DMU Space Analysis commands. The one exception is the Clash command.

Clash Command

Clash results cannot be saved in ENOVIA LCA when the Retrieve Information option in the DMU Clash tab page is set to either From previous computation or None (Tools > Options > Digital Mockup > DMU Space Analysis). A warning dialog box is displayed.

Only clash results created using the option Retrieve Information from PDM can be saved in ENOVIA LCA. See Retrieving Information from ENOVIA LCA.