Managing the Update of Section Results


A number of options are provided to let you manage section update once you have exited the Sectioning command. This is particularly useful, for example, if you run a fitting simulation or kinematics operation that moves products affecting the section result.

These options are to be found in the Behavior tab of the Sectioning Definition dialog box.

This task shows how to manage the update of section results.

Insert the following cgr files: ATOMIZER.cgr, BODY1.cgr, BODY2.cgr, LOCK.cgr, NOZZLE1.cgr, NOZZLE2.cgr, REGULATION_COMMAND.cgr, REGULATOR.cgr, TRIGGER.cgr and VALVE.cgr.

They are to be found in the online documentation filetree in the common functionalities sample folder cfysm/samples.

  1. Select Insert > Sectioning from the menu bar, or click Sectioning in the DMU Space Analysis toolbar and create a section plane. The Sectioning Definition dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Behavior tab in the Sectioning Definition dialog box. Three options are available in this tab:

    • Manual update (default value)

    • Automatic update

    • Section freeze

    By default, after exiting the command, the generated section is not updated when you move products affecting the section result (manual update). This, for example, will improve performance of fitting simulation and kinematics operations.

    Section results that are not up-to-date are identified by the section icon and the update symbol in the specification tree.

    Note:  When opening a 3D XML document containing a section, as the Behavior parameter is not stored in the 3D XML, the default value for the behavior is Update.

  3. Click Automatic update to update the section automatically, after exiting the command, when you move products for example. In the example below, after exiting the Sectioning command, we moved a product using the 3D compass. The product was moved along the Y-axis such that it continued to intersect the section plane.

    Automatic update turned on:
    Automatic update turned off:

  4. Select Section freeze option button to freeze section results.


    • This command takes effect immediately: section results will not be updated if you resize or move the plane, or move products affecting the result.

    • Frozen section results are identified in the specification tree by the section icon plus a lock.

  5. Move the section plane:

    Note that the section result in neither the document window nor the Section viewer is updated.

    You can in this way create a history of sectioning operations.

    Frozen section results are identified in the specification tree by section plus a lock .

  6. Reset the default option in the Behavior tab, and click OK in the Sectioning Definition dialog box when done.

  Toggling on and off these commands can also to be done via the contextual menu.