Creating Geometry from Measure Results

This task explains how to create geometry from the results of measures made using:

  • Measure Between

  • Measure Item

  • Measure Inertia

All geometry is created under the geometrical set of a new or existing part.

The part containing the measure geometry must remain in the same position with respect to the document root and must not be re-ordered.


  • CATProduct

In a CATProduct, the geometry you create can be either associative or non associative with the measure. If you want to create associative geometry, check the Keep link with selected object option in Tools > Options > Infrastructure  > Part Infrastructure, General tab


In a CATPart, the geometry you create is associative.

Note: In both cases, associative geometry can only be created if your measure is associative.

In the Drafting and Advanced Meshing Tools workbenches, measures are done on-the-fly and are therefore not persistent nor associative and cannot be used as parameters.

  1. Make your measure using the appropriate measure command (Measure between or Measure item)

    The Create Geometry  button becomes available in the Measure dialog box (except if we measure a point using Measure item). .

  2. Click Create Geometry and follow instructions depending on whether you are in a product or part:

    If you are in a...


    the Geometry Creation dialog box appears letting you choose where you want the geometry created.

    Select one of the two options below, then click OK:

    • A new CATPart
      In which case a CATPart is inserted under the active product.

    • An existing CATPart
      In which case, click the option and select the CATPart in the specification tree.


    the geometry is automatically created in a new geometrical set.

  3. The Creation of Geometry dialog box appears.

    The example below shows the dialog box for a measure made using the Measure Between command.

  4. Are you in a product?

    • If yes, select the appropriate associativity option depending on whether or not you want to link the geometry to the measure.

    • If no, read on.


    • In a part, the geometry you create is associative.

    • In both a product and a part, associative geometry can only be created if your measure is associative.

    • If Associative geometry is selected, the Keep Measure option is checked to ensure that the geometry created is based on measure results.

  5. Select options in the Creation of Geometry dialog box to create geometry desired.

    If you made your measure using...
    Then you can create...

    Measure Between

    First point

    Second point
    These are the two points between which the minimum distance is measured

    Line: the line representing the minimum distance result.

    Measure Item

    Center of gravity

    Measure Inertia

    Center of gravity

    Axis system (for the principal axes).

  6. Click OK in the Creation of Geometry dialog box when done.

    Geometry is created in the geometry area and is added to the specification tree under the Geometrical set of a new or an existing part.

    In the Measure Between example below, created geometry is non-associative. This is identified by the red symbol accompanying the point entry in the tree.


  7. Click OK in the Measure dialog box when done.