Retrieving Information from ENOVIAVPM

This task explains how to work with the Clash command and ENOVIAVPM. You can:
  • Retrieve clash results from ENOVIAVPM

  • Compare new and old clash results

  • Save clash results in ENOVIAVPM.

To do so, perform the following operations:

Have a DMU V5 session and an ENOVIAVPM session running


Customizing Clash Settings in DMU V5Top

  1. In DMU V5, set the clash settings in the DMU Clash tab to retrieve information from PDM (Tools > Options..., Digital Mockup > DMU Space Analysis).

  2. Ensure that the Penetration depth or minimum distance option (Numeric Result) is selected in the DMU Clash - Detailed Computation tab. If this is not the case, a dialog box displays when running your interference check.


Establishing the DMU V5 / ENOVIAVPM Connection from DMU V5Top

  1. Refer to Saving DMU Applicative Data in ENOVIAVPM in the DMU Navigator User's Guide for information on establishing the connection between ENOVIAVPM and DMU V5.


Loading Models from ENOVIAVPMTop

  1. In ENOVIAVPM product structure graph, select a product and send it to your DMU V5 session.


Detecting Interferences & Comparing ResultsTop

  1. In DMU V5, switch to the DMU Space Analysis workbench (Start > Digital Mockup > DMU Space Analysis).

  2. Select Insert > Clash from the menu bar or click Clash in the DMU Space Analysis toolbar and run an interference check. The Check Clash dialog box expands to show the results. The dialog box identifies the number of interferences detected along with the type. By default, results are organized by conflict in the List by Conflict tab. Additional information is provided in the Check Clash dialog box to help you compare clash results with those already stored in ENOVIAVPM.


Saving Clash Results in ENOVIAVPMTop

  1. Identify the results you want to store in ENOVIAVPM in the Keep column of the Check Clash dialog box.

  2. Click OK when done in the Check Clash dialog box.A dialog box appears asking you to confirm that you want to save results in VPM.

  3. Click OK in the dialog box to confirm your save. Clash results are written to ENOVIAVPM and a dialog box informs you whether or not the operation was successful.

    Using ENOVIAVPM query capabilities (Interferences Management panel), check that clash results have indeed been written to the PSN graph.

    Don't forget to commit changes in the PSN graph to the ENOVIAVPM database before exiting your VPM application.