Setting Up Your DMU Space Analysis Session

This task shows you how to enter the DMU Space Analysis workbench and insert desired cgr files.

  1. Select Digital Mockup > DMU Space Analysis from the Start menu. The DMU Space Analysis workbench is displayed.

  2. If not already active, select Product1 in the specification tree.

  3. Select Insert > Existing Component... from the menu bar to insert desired cgr files. The File Selection dialog box appears.

  4. Specify the file location for the cgr files of interest: cgr files are to be found in the common functionalities sample folder cfysm/samples. For more information on where sample documents are installed by default, refer to Accessing Sample Documents in the Infrastructure User's Guide.

  5. Set Files of type to cgr (*.cgr).

  6. Select the following sample cgr files: ATOMIZER.cgr, BODY1.cgr, BODY2.cgr, LOCK.cgr, NOZZLE1.cgr, NOZZLE2.cgr, REGULATION_COMMAND.cgr, REGULATOR.cgr, TRIGGER.cgr and VALVE.cgr.

  7. Click Open in the File Selection dialog box to insert selected cgr files into the active document.

  8. Set dimension display:

    • Select the Tools > Options... command

    • In the General category, click the Parameters and Measure sub-category, then the Units tab.

    • In the lower part of the dialog box, set Decimal places for read/write numbers to 1 to display dimensions to one decimal place.

    • Click OK when done.

    Refer to Customizing Dimensions display in DMU Infrastructure User's Guide