More About the Contextual Menu

The following commands are available in the contextual menu when you have exited the command. 


Unless specified otherwise, simply right-click the specification tree feature or the section in the geometry area, select Section.1 object and then the command of interest from the menu.

  • Definition...: lets you modify the selected section object.

  • Update the section: locally updates the selected section.
    Note: In scene contexts, this command is labeled Force update the section and updates both the scene and the geometry area to reflect modifications made to the scene.

  • Behavior: lets you manage section update. These are the same options as those found in the Behavior tab of the Sectioning Definition dialog box. The grayed out option is the current option and by default, is the one set in the dialog box before exiting the command.

  • Activate the section result manual update: the generated section is not updated when you move products affecting the section result.

  • Activate the section result automatic update: the generated section is automatically updated when you move products affecting the result.

  • Freeze the section result: the generated section is not updated if you resize or move the plane, or move products affecting the result.

  • Activate/Deactivate the section cut: turns the Volume Cut command on or off.

  • Activate/Deactivate the section fill: turns the fill capability on or off.

  • Hide/Show the plane representation: turns the section plane on or off.

Note: You cannot re-dimension, move or rotate the plane

  • Export the section(s): lets you save section results in CATPart, IGES, model, STEP, VRML formats.


If you want to save results as a CATDrawing, use the Export As command in the Sectioning Definition dialog box.

Multiple selection tools are available for all these contextual menu commands. You can, for example, export a multiple selection of section results to a CATPart document.

  • Select the product(s): highlights products in the specification tree associated with selected sections:

    • Select a section or Ctrl-click to select sections in the geometry area of the document window or in the Results window

    • Right-click to access the contextual menu and choose Select the product(s). Associated product(s) are highlighted in the specification tree.