Penetration Management Usage

This section discusses penetration management; which refers to the process of routing a pipe or a duct - as an example - through a structure. If you are working with a ship, for instance, you may need to create penetrations through bulkheads, move objects, or reroute your pipe or duct, in order to do so. The penetration management function works within the ENOVIA environment only - and you must be in the ENOVIA Product Structure.

You must take certain setup steps before using the function. See Penetration Management Setup to learn how to set up the function.


Querying for Penetrations
Creating a Cutout Sketch
Adding an Object to a Penetration
Creating a Penetration
Adding Clash to a Penetration
Creating a Penetration with Workflow
Viewing and Editing Penetration Properties
Validating and Updating a Penetration
Showing Cutouts
Penetration Management Setup