Generative Shape Design
Specification Tree

Within the Generative Shape Design workbench, you can generate a number of elements that are identified in the specification tree by the following icons.

Further information on general symbols in the specification tree are available in Symbols Used in the Specification Tree.

Sketch Split
Geometrical Set Trim
Ordered Geometrical Set Boundary
Multi-Output Extract
Point   Multiple Extract
Multiple Points and Planes Fillet
Extremum Edge Fillet
Extremum Polar Variable Radius Fillet
Line Face-Face Fillet
Axis   Tritangent Fillet
Polyline Translate
Plane   Rotate
Multiple Planes   Symmetry
Circle Scaling
Conic Affinity
Spiral AxisToAxis




Spine Near
Isoparametric Curve Law
Corner Surface Connection Analysis
Connect Curve Curve Connection Analysis
3D Curve Offset Draft Analysis
Intersection Surfacic Curvature Analysis
Parallel Curve Curvature Analysis
Reflect Line Front View
Projection Section View
Combine Section Cut View
Extrude Rectangular Pattern
Revolve Circular Pattern
Sphere   User Pattern
Cylinder Axis System
Offset   Working support
3D Working Support
Variable Offset   Plane Systems
Rough Offset Mask
Sweep Power Copy
Adaptive Sweep Volume Extrude
Fill   Volume Revolve

Multi-Sections Surface

Multi-Sections Volume
Blend Volume Sweep
Develop Thick Surface
Transfer   Close Surface
Unfold   Volume Draft
Junction   Volume Draft Variable
Diabolo Volume Draft from Reflect Line
Hole Volume Shell
Hole Curve Volume Sew
Mating Flange Thickness
Bead   Add Volume
Bump   Remove Volume
Wrapped curve   Intersect Volume
Wrapped surface Trim Volume
Shape Morphing   Chordal Fillet
Join   Styling Fillet
Curve smooth