Creating a Front View 

This task shows you how to create a front view.
See Using a View for more information.
See also Creating a Section View/Annotation Plane, Creating a Section Cut View/Annotation Plane.
Open the Common_Tolerancing_Annotations_01.CATPart document.
  1. Click Front View  in the Views/Annotation Planes toolbar.

  1. Select the face as shown.

You have to select a planar element only to perform this command.

The front view is created.
Front views are represented by a blue reference axis, its normal axis is red until you create an annotation, and are identified as Front View.3 in the specification tree.

  1. Right-click the annotation plane in the geometry or in the specification tree and select the Invert Normal contextual menu.

The front view normal is reversed.
When the view annotation plane is created on an axis system, the Invert Normal command is not available because the view annotation plane by default takes the axis system orientation.