Creating a Hole

This command is only available with the Automotive Body in White Templates product.

This task shows how to create a hole, which consists of removing material from a surface.

Open the Hole1.CATPart document.
  1. Click Hole .

    The Hole Definition dialog box is displayed.
    Various shapes can be created:
    • round
    • slot (elongated hole)
    • rectangular
    • square
    The shape is defined on a plane and projected along a direction on the surface. In that case, the nearest projection is used to create the hole.
  2. Select the shape in the drop-down list.

  3. Click a point to be the Center Point in the geometry or in the specification tree.

  4. Select the Support surface.

  5. Define the Orientation to align the major axis along a direction.

    You do not need to define an orientation for the round holes.
  6. Define the Punch direction.

    • If the point lies on the support surface, by default the punch direction is the normal direction at the centre point.
    • If the point does not lie on the support surface, you must define a punch direction.
  7. Click Preview.

  8. Define the shape dimensions.

    To do so, either :
    • click the value to edit (here the rectangular length)

      The Length dialog box opens to let you modify the dimension.
    • click the Size tab.

      All dimensions related to the selected shape are displayed and can be modified.
    Some values must be greater than 0mm:
    • Diameter for the round hole
    • Length and width for the slot and rectangle hole
    • Length for the square hole
    Square and rectangle holes can be created with a null radius value: in this case, the hole is created without corner.
    Here are the parameters to be defined depending on the shape hole:


    Round     X
    Slot X X  
    Rectangular X X X
    Square X   X
  9. Click OK to create the hole.

    The element (identified as Type is added to the specification tree.
    Round hole
    Radius = 35mm, Punch Dir. = Default
      Slot hole
    Length = 30mm, Width = 15mm
    Orientation = zx plane, Punch Dir. = Line.1
    Rectangular hole
    Length = 40mm, Width = 10mm, Radius = 5mm
    Orientation = yz plane, Punch Dir. = Default
      Square hole
    Length = 15mm, Radius = 2mm, Punch Dir. = xy plane
If several solutions are possible, the solution with the minimum distance is chosen. If all distances are equal, an error message is issued, asking you to modify the point position.