Creating a Bead

This command is only available with the Automotive Body in White Templates product.

This task shows how to create a bead, in order to add strength to a part.
The created bead shape is a triangle shape.

Open the Bead1.CATPart document.
  1. Click Bead .

    The Bead Definition dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the Base surface.

    The base surface must have at least one internal sharp edge.

    Check Base surface relimitation to trim the base surface with the bead shape.

  3. Select a point on the sharp edge.

  4. Define a Reference direction.

    By default, it is the tangent direction to the location edge at the location point.
    The Reference Element is updated.
    • The Reference Element maintains the orientation of the bead, if the location point of the bead changes from one edge to an adjacent edge.
    • You can also right-click the Reference Element field and select the following items from the contextual menu:
      • Clear Selection: if you do not want to specify any reference element.
      • Default Selection: if you want to select the default element.
  5. Define the bead parameters by clicking the value to edit in the dialog box or by clicking the manipulators in the 3D geometry.

    • Height

    • Width

    These values must be positive.
  6. Click Preview.

  7. Click OK to create the bead.

    With Base surface relimitation   Without Base surface relimitation