Transferring Elements


This command is only available with the Developed Shapes product.

This task shows how to map any wireframe feature (point, line, curve) from a folded surface to an unfolded surface and vice-versa once the unfold computation has been performed and providing you have selected All as the surface type.

Open the Transfer1.CATPart document.
  1. Click Transfer  .
    The Transfer Definition dialog box opens.

  2. Select the Surface to unfold.

  3. Select the Unfolded surface.

    Providing the unfold feature is associative, if you select first the Unfolded surface, the Surface to unfold field is automatically filled in.
  4. Select points or curves on the surface to unfold or on the unfolded surface.

  5. Select the type of transformation:

    • Unfold: transfer the elements on the unfolded surface

    • Fold: transfer the elements on the surface to be unfolded

    • Click Remove or Replace to remove the selected element or replace it by another element.

  6. Click Preview to see the unfolded surface and elements.

  7. Click OK to unfold the surface.

    Transferred features appears in the specification tree:
The curves to transfer can be non-connex and multi-domain. However they cannot be non-manifold.