Creating Thicknesses

Sometimes, some thicknesses have to be added or removed before machining the part.
This task shows you how to add thickness to a part.
Open the VolumeThickness1.CATPart document.
  1. Click Thickness .

    The Thickness Definition dialog box opens.
  2. Select the faces to thicken.

    The Support field is automatically filled with the support of the selected faces and is grayed out.
  3. Enter a value. For instance, enter 15 mm.

    The faces become red and the application displays the thickness value in the geometry.
  4. Click OK to thicken the part accordingly.

    The volume (identified as is added to the specification tree.
  5. Double-click the thickness to edit it.

  6. Click the Other thickness faces field and select the lateral face as shown.

  7. Double-click the thickness value displayed on this face.

  8. In the Parameters Definition dialog box that appears, enter 25mm.

  9. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    The length between the selected face and the resulting face is 25mm.

  10. Click More>>.


  11. Select the Smoothing mode under the Deviation parameters section.

    There are three types of smoothing modes:
    • None: No smoothing is applied. This is the default option. The Max deviation field is disabled.
    • Manual: Allows you to enter a maximum deviation. The default value is 0.1 mm.
    • Automatic: Smoothing is applied automatically. The Max Deviation field is disabled.
  12. Click OK to create the thickness feature.

    The multi-output capability is available. Click to display the list of selected faces.