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Using Parameters

Using Formulas

Using Rules

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User Tasks


Introducing Parameters

Creating a Parameter

Copy/Pasting Parameters

Specifying the Material Parameter

Specifying a Parameter Value as a Measure

Importing Parameters

Creating Points, Lines... as Parameters

Applying Ranges to Parameters

Creating an Associative Link Between Measures and Parameters

Publishing Parameters

Getting Familiar with the Parameters Explorer

Adding a Parameter to a Feature

Adding a Parameter to an Edge

Locking and Unlocking a Parameter

Creating Sets of Parameters

Creating an External Parameter

Deactivating and Re-activating External Parameters

URLs and Comments

Associating URLs and Comments with Parameters or Relations

Assigning a Comment to a Knowledge Feature

Using the Knowledge Inspector

Rule Features

About the Rule Editor

Creating a Rule

Using Rules and Checks in a Power Copy

Handling Errors

Check Features

About the Check Editor

Creating a Check

Reaction Features

About the Reaction Feature Window

Creating a Reaction: DragAndDrop Event

Creating a Reaction: AttributeModification Event

Creating a Reaction: Insert Event

Creating a Reaction: Inserted Event

Creating a Reaction: Remove Event

Creating a Reaction: BeforeUpdate Event

Creating a Reaction: ValueChange Event

Using a Reaction with a User Feature: Instantiation Event

Using a Knowledge Advisor Reaction with a Document Template: Instantiation Event

Creating a Reaction: Update Event

Creating a Reaction: File Content Modification Event

Creating a Loop in a Reaction

VB Macros with Arguments


Creating Sets of Relations

Using Relations based on Publications at the Product Level

Activating and Deactivating a Component

Instantiating Relations From a Catalog

Updating Relations Using Measures

Controlling Relations Update

About Knowledgeware Relations and Linear Containers

Knowledgeware Features and Linear Containers: Special Cases

Action Feature

List Features

About the List Edition Window

Creating a List

Loop Features

About the Loop Edition Window and Menus

Declaring Input Data

Defining the Context

Using the Scripting Language

Action Script Structure

Object Properties




Using the Get... Commands



Creating a Loop

Creating a Power Copy Containing a Loop

Set of Equations

About the Equations Editor

Solving a Set of Equations

Engineering Knowledge Language

Mathematical Engineering Language (M-EKL)

Mathematical Functions

Analysis Operators


Part Measures

Core Engineering Language (C-EKL)

Design Table Methods





String Methods and Functions

Electrical User Functions

Direction Constructors

Circle Constructors

Line Constructors

Point Constructors

Plane Constructors

Surface Constructors

Wireframe Constructors

Advanced Engineering Language (A-EKL)

Object Type

Search Functions


Pointer Objects

Generative Functions

Space Analysis

Extended Engineering Language (X-EKL)


Useful Tips

Use Cases

The Ball Bearing

Before you Start


The System of Three Equations in Three Variables

Knowledge Advisor Interoperability

Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for Knowledge Advisor

Saving a Product Structure Containing a Rule in ENOVIA V5 VPM

Workbench Description

Knowledge Advisor Menu Bar


Customizing for Knowledge Advisor



Knowledge Environment

Report Generation

Parameter Tolerance

Part Infrastructure for Knowledgeware Applications


Basic Wireframe Package

GSMLine Object

GSMCircle Object

GSMPlane Object

GSMPoint Object

Part Design Package

Part Shared Package

Constant Edge Fillet Object

Fillet Object

Pattern Object

Standard Package

GSD Shared Package

GSD Package

Knowledge Expert Package

Mechanical Modeler Package