Creating a Reaction: Update Event  

This task explains how to use the Update event associated with the reaction feature.  
The CATPart file contains a rulebase that is updated each time a modification is made.
  1. Open the KwrEvent_Update.CATPart: It contains a part with holes and a rulebase made up of 2 checks.

  1. From the Start > Knowledgeware menu, access the Knowledge Advisor workbench and click the Reaction icon (). The Reaction dialog box opens. 

  • In the Source type field, select Selection and select the RuleBase in the specification tree for the Reaction to be applied to the rulebase.
  • From the Available events list, select Update.
  • In the Action field, select Knowledgeware action and enter the following message: Message("Rulebase updated").
  1. Double-click the CATKWECheck.1. The Check Editor opens. Modify the check: (H\Diameter == 20mm) and click OK

  2. Right-click the rulebase and select Rulebase object > Manual Complete Solve. The reaction is fired and the following message is displayed:

For more information about the Reaction feature window, see Using the Reaction Feature Window.