Specifying the Material Parameter  

Whatever your document, the Material parameter is always displayed in the specification tree. The Material parameter is created only after a material is applied to a Part or a Product. The Mechanical_Property features are calculated from the Material value. Specify a material to set the values of the Mechanical_Property features.
  1. Open the KwrStartDocument.CATPart document. The Material parameter is displayed by default in the specification tree.

  2. Double-click the Material feature in the specification tree to edit the parameter. The dialog box below is displayed.

  3. Click OK and click the root feature in the specification tree.

  4. Click the icon in the standard toolbar to display the available material library. Select the Metal>Iron material.

  5. Click Apply Material and OK. The Iron feature is added to the specification tree and a new material is added under the Parameters node.

    Remember: To display parameter values, check the With value option in the  Tools>Options>General>Parameters and Measure>Knowledge tab.

  6. Keep your document open and proceed to the next task.

Valuating the Mechanical Property Parameters

After specifying the Material value, the Mechanical_Property parameters are automatically updated when the Properties option is selected in the contextual menu.
  1. Right-click the root item in the specification tree and select Properties.

  2. Select the Mass tab. The document mechanical properties have been updated from the value assigned to the Material parameter.

  3. Click OK to go back to your document.