Knowledge Environment

This page deals with the following categories of options:


This field is to be used when using measures in relations or user functions. Measures are specific functions to be used in formulas and rules.
The Knowledge Advisor User's Guide provides you with tasks explaining how to use measures. For how to create and use user functions, see the CATIA Application Architecture documentation.

Load extended language libraries

If checked, enables you to select the packages he wants to load under Packages (if he wants to load a limited number of packages.) 
This option is particularly useful for the administrator to limit the number of packages used by the user. It is also very useful to improve performances since only the required libraries are loaded.
  • When you open a document and some relations are broken, you might need to load all libraries to solve the error, which may take quite a long time.

  • It is strongly recommended to identify the packages you will need and to select them.

By default, this option is unchecked.

All packages

Enables the user to select all packages.
In the past, when running relations based on functions belonging to other workbenches, a warning message would display asking you if you wanted to load all libraries, which impacted performances. A dictionary file listing the functions available and the libraries that contain these functions is located in the runtime view. When a relation based on such a function is run, the function is searched for in the dictionary.

Reference Directory For Types


Reference Directory For Types

Enables you to save the CATGScript file in the Directory indicated in the Reference Directory for Types field for later re-user (To know more, see the PKT User's Guide).

By default, this option is not available.

Knowledge Environment

Architect Resources Creation Path

Enables you to select the directory (Knowledge directory) containing Knowledge data. To find out more, see Managing Knowledge Applications Resources in the CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide.