Creating a List  

This task explains how to use the List Feature. 
In the scenario described below, you are going to manipulate a plane wing to which you will add planes and intersections. You will then create parameters and formulas to calculate the surface of the intersections and will create a list that will compute the total area of the intersect sections.
For more information about the List Edition window, see Using the List Edition Window.
For more information about the List Feature, see Working with the List Feature.
  1. Open the KwrPlaneWing.CATPart file.

  2. Access the Generative Shape Design workbench.

  3. Create three planes.

    • Click the Plane icon in the toolbar. The Plane Definition dialog box opens.
    •   In the Plane type area, enter the yz plane (select it in the geometry or in the specification tree): The yz plane is displayed in the Reference area.
    • Indicate the required offset in the Offset field (-50mm for example). Click OK.Repeat this operation twice with offsets of -100 and -150mm.
  1. Add formulas to calculate the intersection surface of the planes with the blend.

    • Click the icon. The Formulas Editor opens.
    • Select Area from the scrolling list and click New parameter of type. Change the name of the parameter to Area_Intersect1 and click Add Formula. The Formula editor opens.
    • In the Dictionary, select Measures, double-click area(Surface, ...):Area.
    • Position the cursor between the parentheses, select Wireframe constructors in the Dictionary, and double-click intersect(Surface,Surface):Curve.
    • Position the cursor before the coma and select Plane.2 in the specification tree (or in the geometry) then select Blend.1 in the specification tree. Click OK.
    • Repeat the above steps for Area_Intersect2 and Area_Intersect3 by selecting Plane.3 and Plane.4.
  1. Access the Knowledge Advisor workbench, and click the List icon (). The List Edition window opens.

  1. Select the 3 parameters located under the Parameters node in the specification tree, and click Add. Click OK. Rename List.1 to Intersections for example. 

(Click the graphic to enlarge it)

  1. Click OK.  The list is added to the parameters.

  2. Add a formula that will compute the area of the 3 planes intersections with the blend.

    • Click the icon. Select Area from the scrolling list, click New parameter of type, rename the parameter to Total_Intersection_Areas and click Add formula. The Formula editor opens.

    • Click the List (Intersections in this scenario) in the specification tree: the name of the list is displayed in the editor. 
      Under Dictionary, select List, and double-click List.Sum(): Real in the Members of List area.
      Click OK twice.

      The area of the 3 planes intersections with the blend is automatically calculated.  Click the graphic to enlarge it.

  3. Edit the list content and re-compute the total area. 

    • Double-click the list (Intersections) in the specification tree: the List edition window opens. Select Area_Intersect3, click Remove, and click OK.

    • Right-click the Total_Intersection_Areas parameter and select Local Update.

    The area of the remaining 2 planes intersections with the blend is automatically calculated.

    (Click the graphic to enlarge it)

    Click here to display the result of this scenario.