Solving a Set of Equations      

This task explains how to solve a set of equations using the operators and functions of the knowledgeware language. This scenario can be run from any document.
  • In a set of equations, the semi-colon (;) is used as a separator.
  • Note that the equations set capabilities require the Knowledge Advisor product. 
Note that a KWA license is required to work with sets of equations.
  1. Create two real type parameters x and y. Both parameters are intended to be used as variables in a set of equations.

  2. Access the Knowledge Advisor workbench. Click the icon. In the first dialog box which is displayed, enter the name of the relation, a comment and a destination. Then click OK. The Set Of Equations editor is displayed.

  3. Enter the set of equations below into the edition box:
    y - 2 *sqrt(x) ==2;
    y - 4 *x*x == 0

    Now, your editor looks something like this:

The value of each parameter is displayed first in the Unknown parameters field, then in the specification tree (see below).


  1. Click here to open the result file.

  For more information about the Equations Editor, see Using the Equations Editor.