Evaluate Method


Allows you to compute a law whether a Knowledge Advisor or a Generative Shape Design Law and use the resulting data within another law.


law.Evaluate(Real): Real

where the argument is the parameter to which the law is applied.


  1. Create a Generative Shape Design line.
  2. Create a first law by clicking the icon in the standard tool bar.
  3. In the law editor, create two real formal parameters.
  4. Enter the law (Law.1) below into the editor:
    FormalReal.1 = 5*sin(5*PI*1rad*FormalReal.2)+ 10
  5. Click OK to add the law to the document.
  6. Repeat the same operation and enter the law (Law.2) below:
    FormalReal.1 = 3* FormalReal.2*Relations\Law.1.Evaluate(FormalReal.2)
  7. In the Generative Shape Design workbench, create a line parallel to the line created in step 1. Specify the law which is defined above in the Offset field.