Creating a Parameter   

This task explains how to create a Time type parameter and assign a value to it.    
  1. Open the KwrStartDocument.CATPart document.

  2. Click the icon. The f(x) dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select the Time item with Single Value from the New Parameter of type list, then click New Parameter of type. The new parameter appears in the Edit name or value of the current parameter field.

  4. Replace the Time.1 name with Machining_Time and assign the 1000s value to this parameter. Then click Apply. The Machining_Time parameter is added to the specification tree. The dialog box is modified as follows:

  5. Click OK when done to close the dialog box.  

  • You can add properties to a .CATPart or a .CATProduct document by using Properties from the contextual menu. Click Define other properties... in the Product tab then click New parameter of type. The dialog is similar to the f(x) dialog. See the Product Structure User's Guide for more information. The properties you define that way are also displayed in the parameter list of the f(x) dialog box.
  • You can specify that a parameter is constant by using Properties from the contextual menu. This command also enables you to hide a parameter.