Part Measures  

smartVolume and smartWetarea refer to intermediate states of a solid. smartVolume does not compute the volume of each pad contained in a PartBody but the total volume. 
Example: Given a PartBody containing 3 pads: The volume of Pad.1 = 0.1m3, The volume of Pad.2=0.1m3 and the volume of Pad.3=0.1m3. The Volume of Pad.3 displayed will be Pad.3=0.3M3. The volume of Pad.3=the Volume of Pad.1+ the volume of Pad.2+ the volume of Pad.3.

Note that this applies also to smartWetarea (the total wet area is computed).

smartVolume(elem: Solid, ...): Volume
Returns the volume of a solid.


smartWetarea(elem: Solid, ...) : Area
Returns the wet area of a solid.


smartWetarea(PartBody\Pad.1 )