About the Rule Editor  

The Rule editor is displayed when you click the Rule icon () in the Knowledge tool bar. It lets you:

Status Toolbar

Lets you select a feature in the specification tree or in the geometry area and displays in the editor only the first level of features right below the selected feature, which is very useful when working with large models. Suppose your document contains a Geometrical Set feature which itself is made up of several Shape Design points.
If you press Incremental, selecting the Geometrical Set feature in the specification displays only the first level of parameters below the Geometrical Set (the point coordinates are not displayed.)
If you press Incremental again to disable it, selecting the Geometrical Set feature displays all the parameters related to the points (the parameters which define the coordinates are included into the list.) 

Note that when you click this button, the editor does not recognize parameters any longer. So if you enter the name of a parameter into the editor without selecting it in the specification tree or in the geometry, it will not be recognized.

Lets your visualize syntax errors.
Lets you indent the rule body.

Actions Toolbar

Lets you access a browser of types. To use this browser, you can either select the objects you want to work with in the geometry or click the ... button to select the type in the list.
  • The Supported/Inherited types field provides you with a list of the types supported by the selected type and with a list of the types that the selected type inherits from.
  • The Attributes field lists the possible attributes of the types and those of the supported and inherited types.
  • The Functions using type field lists the functions and methods whose first argument is a type of the Supported/Inherited types list.
  • The Functions returning type field lists the functions and methods returning the selected type.
Lets you reach the line containing the syntax error.
Lets you to associate a URL or a comment to the formula. For more information, see Associating URLs & Comments with Parameters and Relations.
Lets you erase the contents of the edition window.

Contextual Menu

Two contextual commands improving display are available in the contextual menu:


To help you write a rule, the Rule editor provides you with a dictionary. This dictionary exposes the list of parameters and functions you can use to define a rule. To insert any definition in the Rule editor, double-click the object either in the dictionary or in the tree. If you double-click a function in the dictionary, its signature is carried forward to the Rule editor. Only the argument definitions are missing.

Analysis Operators Circle Constructors Design tables
Direction Constructors Electrical Functions Generative Functions
Keywords Law Line Constructors
List Math Measures
Operators Part Measures Plane Constructors
Point Constructors Pointer Objects String
Surface Constructors Wireframe Constructors  


For more information about the items displayed in the Dictionary, see Engineering Knowledge Language (EKL) or select one of the items and press the F1 key in CATIA. For more information about rules, see Creating a Rule.