Creating Sets of Relations    

This task explains how to create sets of relations below the Relations node of the specification tree.
Using this capability enables you to regroup relations into categories. When you create a relation, you are prompted to enter a destination. i.e. a feature you add the new relation to. 
Formulas, design tables, rules and checks can all be created into relation sets. When no relation set has been created, the destination field of the relation editor is by default initialized to the Relations node. 
  1. Create a Part and from the Start > Knowledgeware menu, access the Knowledge Advisor workbench.

  2. Click the   icon and click the Relations node, the Relations.1 (or Relations.n) relation set is added to the specification tree right below the Relations node. 

  3. Click the Rule or the Check creation icon. The first dialog box displayed is similar to the one displayed when you create a relation right below the Relations node except that you must specify a destination. 
    To do so, select the value specified in the Destination field of the relation editor, then select the Relation Set you want to add a relation to. This results in a modification of the destination path in the relation editor (partname\Relations.n is replaced with partname\Relations\Relations.n).

  4. Click OK to display the next dialog box and enter the relation body.

  5. After you have finished specifying the new relation, click OK in the editor dialog box. In the specification tree, you can expand the feature which represents the relation set. A new relation has been added below this relation set.