Applying Ranges to Parameters by Using a Rule 

This task explains how to apply ranges to parameters by using a rule.
  1. Open the KwrRangesParameters.CATPart.

  2. Click the icon and select Real from the scrolling list to create two parameters of Real type: Real.1 and Real.2.

  3. Select Real.1 and right-click the field next to the Edit name or value of the current parameter box.

  4. Select Add Range The Range of Real.1 dialog box opens.

  5. Specify the Minimum and the Maximum bounds (-5 and 5 for example), and click OK twice.

  6. Access the Knowledge Advisor workbench and click the Rule icon (). The Rule editor opens.

  7. Enter the following rule: Real.2 =Real.1 .InferiorRange and click OK: Real.2 value changes to -5.

  8. Double-click the rule under the Relations node and replace the existing script with Real.2 =Real.1 .SuperiorRange and click OK: Real.2 value changes to 5.