Instantiating Relations from a Catalog  

The scenario developed below explains how to instantiate a check stored in a catalog into a CATPart document.

Formulas, rules and checks can be stored in a catalog. They can then be reused in a document by using an instantiation mechanism.  For more information about catalogs, see the Infrastructure User's Guide.

  1. Open the Formula_005_Start.CATPart file.

  2. In the Tools toolbar, click the icon. The catalog browser is displayed.

  3. Click the icon to open the CatalogFormula.catalog catalog. The catalog browser looks something like the one below (you may need to expand the Knowledge node to display the three relations Formula.1, Check.1, Check.2 - what you see in the left-hand part of the Catalog Browser depends on the last interactions you have carried out with this dialog box).

  4. Double-click the Check.1 object. The dialog box below is displayed.

  5. Rename the Check.1 check by using the Name field. Enter HeightCheck for example.

  6. The 'Hauteur' input is highlighted. In the part specification tree, select the "Hauteur" parameter. The Rayon input is now highlighted. In the specification tree, select the "Rayon" parameter. Click OK and Close. The HeightCheck is added to the specification tree and, depending on the values  assigned to the Height (Hauteur) and Radius (Rayon) parameters, a message can be displayed.

  7. Double-click the HeightCheck relation twice in the specification tree. The relation below is displayed in the check editor:
     Hauteur >= Rayon.

The relations of a catalog must be instantiated one-by-one in a document.