Wireframe Constructors

Sample: KwrWireFrameConstructors.CATPart

  • spline (Point, ...): Curve
    Creates a spline from several points.
  • intersect (Curve, Curve): Point
    Constructs a point where two curves intersect.
  • intersect (Curve, Surface): Point
    Constructs a point where a curve and a surface intersect.
  • intersect (Surface, Surface) : Curve
    Constructs the curve where two surfaces intersect.
  • curveparallel (crv: Curve, sur: Surface, offset: Length): Curve
    Constructs the curve parallel to another curve. The surface specified in the second argument is the support.
  • project (toproject: Point, support: Curve): Point
    Projects a point onto a curve.
  • project (toproject: Point, support: Surface): Point
    Projects a point onto a surface.
  • project (toproject: Curve, support: Surface): Curve
    Projects a curve onto a surface.
  • assemble (Curve,...):Curve
    Creates a join beween several curves.
  • corner (crv1: Curve, crv2: Curve, support: Surface, radius: Length, orientationCrv1: Boolean, orientationCrv2: Boolean, trim: Boolean): Curve
    Constructs a corner between two curves. Arguments 5 and 6 should be used to scan the possible solutions.
    See the Generative Shape Design User's Guide for more information on corners. 
  • split (tosplit: Curve, splitting: Wireframe, orientation: Boolean): Curve
    Enables you to split a surface.
  • trim (crv1: Curve, orientationCrv1: Boolean, crv2: Curve, orientationCrv2: Boolean): Curve
    Enables you to trim
    two wireframe elements.
  • near (crv: Curve, near: Wireframe): Curve
    Creates the nearest entity of several sub-element. The result is a curve.
  • near (pt: Point, near: Wireframe): Point
    Creates the nearest entity of several sub-elements. The result is a point.
  • extrude (Point, Direction, length1: Length, length2: Length, orientation: Boolean): Line
    Extrudes a point depending on a direction. The result is a line.
  • revolve (Point, axis: Line, angle1: Angle, angle2: Angle): Circle
    Enables you to create a circle by revolving a point according to a given direction.