About the Check Editor   

In the Check editor, enumerations values are internal values whereas in the Formula Editor, enumerations values are nls values. For example, when working with booleans, true and false will not be displayed in your environment language in the Check editor, whereas they will in the Formula editor.

The Check editor is displayed when you click the Check icon () in the Knowledge tool bar. It lets you:

Status Toolbar

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Actions Toolbar

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Type of Check

Three different types of checks can be used:

  • The silent checks
  • The information checks
  • The warning checks

Depending on the type of check and the result of the check, you will be warned as follows:

Check verified Check not verified
Relation icon in the specification tree   I_GreenLightP2.gif (239 bytes) I_RedLightP2.gif (234 bytes)
Silent  no message displayed no message displayed
Information   no message displayed
the message specified at check creation is displayed in an information box
Warning  no message displayed
I_WarningP2.gif (207 bytes) the message specified at check creation is displayed in a warning box.

Contextual Menu

Two contextual commands improving display are available in the contextual menu:


To help you write a check, the Check editor provides you with a dictionary. This dictionary exposes the list of parameters and functions you can use to define a check. If you double-click a function in the dictionary, its signature is carried forward to the Check editor. Only the argument definitions are missing.

Analysis Operators Circle Constructors Design tables
Direction Constructors Electrical Functions Generative Functions
Keywords Law Line Constructors
List Math Measures
Operators Part Measures Plane Constructors
Point Constructors Pointer Objects String
Surface Constructors Wireframe Constructors  
For more information about the Dictionary, see Engineering Knowledge Language (EKL). For more information about checks, see Creating a Check.