About Knowledgeware Relations and Linear Containers


Knowledgeware features (rules, checks, equivalent dimensions, and parameters) are integrated to the linearity process. They are automatically enabled in linear containers. To enable them in Part Bodies, check Enable hybrid design for parameters and relations inside part bodies and bodies in Infrastructure->Part Infrastructure->Part Document.

Linearity Rules

Knowledgeware features (except parameters) located in a linear container must comply with linearity rules. When creating, modifying or moving a Knowledgeware feature, you are warned if:

Creating a Knowledgeware Feature

New Knowledgeware features can be directly created in linear containers.

If the In Work Object (IWO) is a linear container, the new object is directly appended at the end of this container.

Modifying a Feature

If you modify the content of a rule, check, equivalent dimensions feature or of a formula, the content is checked to ensure that there is no incompatibility with linear rules. If an inconsistency is detected, an error message is displayed. This behavior guarantees the integrity of the linear container.

Moving a Feature

Copy/Paste Mechanism

When moving a feature using the Copy/Paste mechanism, if this feature is selected, an error message is displayed if you cannot paste the Knowledgeware feature after the selected object.
If this feature is not selected and if it is not possible to paste the Knowledgeware feature after the In Work Object (IWO), an error message is displayed.
If it is possible, the Knowledgeware feature is pasted after the In Work Object (IWO).

Reorder Mechanism

The Reorder mechanism for Knowledgeware features is available inside linear containers only.

Drag and Drop Mechanism

When moving a Knowledgeware feature using the Drag and Drop mechanism, there are 2 alternatives:

Specific Cases

If a Knowledgeware feature is impacted or impacts a feature which is modified by another feature, the rerouting is automatic.

For example if a rule contains a reference to a line and a split is performed on this line, the reference in the rule is automatically changed to the new feature split if this rule is located after the split in the tree.  On the contrary, if the feature split is deleted, the rule changes the reference to the parent feature of the split, which is the line. If the split is moved after the rule in the features tree, the rule changes the reference to the line.

  • If a relation (rule, check, equivalent dimensions feature or formula) located in the Relations Set has a reference to a feature modified by a modification feature and is dropped onto an Ordered Geometrical Set, the relation is not modified and is inserted before the modification feature.
  • If a geometrical object located in an Ordered Geometrical Set “A” is referenced by a Knowledgeware relation located in an Ordered Geometrical Set “B” and an insertion of a modification feature is performed on this geometrical object, the Knowledgeware feature is not modified (parallel linear containers.)
  • If the parameter of a modified feature is referenced, the modification does not affect this relation.

Knowledgeware Features and Power Copies

If you create a Power Copy containing a linear container with Knowledgeware features, the structure remains the same after instantiating this Power Copy. Note that the option Enable hybrid design for parameters and relations inside part bodies and bodies must have the same value when creating and instantiating the Power Copy. This is also true if Knowledgeware features reference other objects outside the Ordered Geometrical Set.


Reactions and Other Knowledgeware Features

Reactions and other Knowledgeware features are not included to the linearity mechanism.

Moving a Knowledgeware Feature without the Related Objects

A Knowledgeware feature can be moved to a linear container without its inputs (the objects it is linked to). For example, if a formula is moved to a linear container without the parameter valuated by this formula, no error/warning is displayed.
A linear container is not an entity which should remain independent from the other containers of the Part/Product.
In some cases, the relation moved can lose the links to the related objects when copying and pasting it or when dragging and dropping it.

Copy/Cut&Paste From a Technological Package to a Part

The Copy and the Cut and Paste operations between Technological Packages and Part/Product are not supported.